Smokeless Ashtray

Smokeless Ashtray for the Home

Smokeless Ashtray has all the features that a person could ask for in a home ashtray. It will self extinguish cigarettes by simply dropping them in. By storing the extinguished cigarette butts inside, unsightly cigarette butts and the smell are eliminated. The cigarette snuffer is designed to snuff both full size and slim 100 cigarettes for relighting later. The Smokeless Ashtray is also dishwasher safe.

The Distinguished Self-Extinguisher Smokeless Ashtray
For Full Size and Slim 100 Cigarettes

Self Extinguisher Smokeless Ashtray For The Home
Drop Cigarette In - Extinguishes Itself In Seconds

What are people saying about our patented Smokeless Ashtray?

"The Smokeless Ashtray is fantastic. My buddies are all jealous because they bought those cheap plastic ashtrays at the gas stations that melt the first time used. I bought one for my car first, and it worked so well that I also bought one for my home."

"I bought the Smokeless Ashtray from you last year. When my non smoking friends come over for parties they see how well it keeps the butts out  of sight and odors down. Thanks so much for keeping them happy when they are here."

"I have owned this amazing Smokeless Ashtray for almost 5 years now. I keep one on my condo balcony, one in my car, and one in the living room. Its impossible to find ashtrays for slim 100 cigarettes, so I was thankful to finally find your product. Thanks a bunch!"

"This Cigarette Ashtray has to be the best one I have ever owned. The best part about it, is when the phone rings, I can put it in the cigarette snuffer, and come right back and not waste the cigarette. This Smokeless Ashtray has saved me a lot of money, especially with the price of cigarettes now!"

Smokeless Ashtray for Home




Smokeless Ashtray with Detachable Handle
All In One Design

For Cigarettes, Cigars, and Pipes
These Tops Don't Melt!

Drop cigarette in and it extinguishes itself in seconds. Use the Smokeless Ashtray as a holder or ash container for cigars and pipes. No more smoldering, smelly ashtrays. Removable handle for use on the door frame of cars, trucks, RVs, and boats, or remove the handle and place in any cup holder. The Smokeless Ashtray unique design also serves as cigar or pipe holder. Smokeless Ashtray is designed to hold up to 25 cigarette butts. Once full, remove the lid and safely dispose of extinguished butts or ashes. The Smokeless Ashtray is also dishwasher safe!

What are people saying about our Smokeless Ashtray for the Car?

"I purchased the Car Ashtray a while back from you. Worked so well in both my car and at home, that I just had to buy one for each. Saves me a lot of money since I dont have to keep buying those cheap ashtrays with the tops that melt."

"I love this Auto Ashtray. I got sick of my old ashtrays because they got so dirty and smelly. I simply put it in the dishwasher whenever I want, and dont have to worry about it melting and getting ruined."

"I have never seen a Cigar Ashtray that works this well for cigars, slim 100 cigarettes, pipes, and more. To add to it, it never melts and I can even put it in the dishwasher to clean it. This is one incredible Cigar Ashtray."

Use the Portable Ashtray in your car!  The tops will NEVER melt!

Smokeless Ashtray for Car



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